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We are excited to announce, our two newest mini game attractions. Time Freak/Lazer Frenzy are fun for ages 3 and up, they are around 1.5 minutes long depending on which game you play. These two games are token based games. PLEASE NOTE: Our mini games may look different or smaller than the video provided.

Time Freak

Time Freak is a button challenge, you race to beat your opponent before the time runs out by pushing the buttons the fastest. 1 or 2 player games, but recommended with 2 people. Maximum of 4 at a time allowed in the game for families with little kids.

Lazer Frenzy

Lazer Frenzy is a Laser Maze, some game types want you to advoid the lasers while trying to get the button that is lite up. Other game types for younger kids want then to walk through as many lasers as they can while still pushing the buttons that are lite up. 1& 2 player games, (no more than 4 people in there at one time, 4 people in at one time is meant for families with smaller kids).

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