Reservation & Pricing

Open Play...

Play on our public arena, mixing with other small groups of people. Our arena allows up to 16 people playing at one time.

Customers should always call to book or book on here to guarantee your game time.

Laser Tag games are 10 minutes long with 5 minutes in between to change up your teams and all games are ran consecutively if you have more than 1 game.


*Dear Customers... Please make our staff aware if there are children/people with sensitivies to light, sound or have special needs. We want to make your experience the best we can.*


PLEASE NOTE... Button below, after pricing to book your games!


Cost/Discount Rates

Laser Tag...

$7.50 per game, per person


Family Rates (Family of 4)...

(1 adult must play to get family rate)


Please call to adjust your price.

2 games for $52

3 games for $75

Games are ran consecutively

Each additional person at FULL rate.

School/College Rate ~ $12 per person for 2 games

Customers should always call to book or book on here to guarantee your game time.

Time Freak/Lazer Frenzy ( Mini Games)...

  Each game is  around 1.5 minutes depending on game you play, each game takes 1 or 2 tokens to play.


$3 per token

10 tokens for $25

20 tokens for $50

Week Specials...

$5 Tuesday's For Laser Tag (per person, per game)

BOGO Wednesday's For Laser Tag ~ Buy 1 game and get 1 game FREE!

Not offered online, call to get prices adjusted


Please Note:

  • When you have a vest booking (Laser Tag games) please arrive 15 minutes in advance to assure that we can start your games on time.

  • We ask that when it is wet or muddy that you bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes, shoe MUST be worn in the arena when playing Laser Tag.

  • A NON REFUNDABLE deposit is required to book Laser Tag games in advance.

  • All other bookings, cancellation and or rescheduling fees will apply.